Saturday, October 17, 2009

Home Sweet Home

I have been praying for the Lord to meet us in each day and this past week has been full of answers to that prayer, where the Lord has met us in tangible ways. One of the biggest things of the week was when we went to my home church in Binghamton, NY. We got there with just enough time to set up and go to my house for some homecooked Indian food. After that we got ready for our worship service, not knowing all that lay ahead.

Although the concert started like any other, I was blown away by the way the Lord's presence fell in that place during the course of the service. I forgot about everyone there and just worshiped. While we sang "Amazing Grace", Marco challenged people to come forward if they had anything to give over to the Lord. I started crying as I saw the aisle packed with people. There were so many people that many were waiting at the end of the pews, waiting for a spot to open. What was amazing to me was that I knew many of these people and where they were coming from in their lives. To see the Lord work in people that I have been praying for was an incredible blessing! On top of that, the Lord answered our prayers for ALM and we got 5 cures!

I am so grateful for this experience and trust that the Lord has more in store for us as we finish up here in Canada and make our way back to California and then to Thailand. Today we spent some good time in prayer, asking the Lord to prepare our hearts for our time overseas. Please pray with us, that we might be ready for whatever the Lord has in store.

Alright, we have two services tomorrow, so I better head to bed!!


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