Sunday, October 4, 2009

Finally, a day off!

Life has been crazy for us this past week...driving about 7 hrs every day, setting up, performing, tearing down, spending the night at host homes...and then up around 5 am to start it all over again! It's been a blast, though. And beautiful. Since our last blog we've toured in Colorado, South Dakota, Nebraska, and today, Iowa. I want to share briefly about our experience in South Dakota. We had the privelege to perform at the prison in a Native American reservation. We were extremely encouraged and challenged by the missionaries leading the ministry there. Our eyes were opened to the needs and bondages of the Lakota tribe that lives there. The worship at the prison was incredible. We sang and presented the Gospel to about 100 prisoners, and afterward we fellowshipped with them - talking, joking, praying, crying, encouraging - it was powerful. Today we had some box truck problems...We arrived at the church and noticed that one of the rear tires was completely blown. So it took a couple of hours to go get a replacement. Later, the truck wouldn't start, so we spent another hour or so fixing problems with the fuses. Little mishaps, but no big deal. Tomorrow we are off to Chicago and will be spending the night with students at Moody Bible Institute. We don't have a concert, just a long drive, so we are all looking foward to a long night of sleep and a fairly late start in the morning (FINALLY!). I'd like to ask that you all pray for a tremendous need for our ministry in Thailand. We were recently told that we will be performing in auditoriums and stadiums there (wow!). Unfortunately, we don't have the funds yet necessary to ship all of our sound equipment such a great distance. So please pray fervently that God would burden believers' hearts for our financial needs. Thanks for reading; I'm off to get a beautiful night of sleep!


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