Saturday, October 17, 2009

Dolly Joe Continental

So we have been on the road for about three weeks now!! Craziness! We are now in Canada! We have passed through upstate New York, East Hartford, Connecticut, and Boothbay, Maine in the last few days. We have had some long and very busy days and also some days to relax! But God has been faithful in providing safe travels and overall good health. A couple of colds here and there but for the most part we cannot complain!
We now have a new tour member! While in East Hartford, Connecticut Wanda went to the post office and recieved a free wild baby snapping turtle! Dolly Joe Continental has been under my care for the past week and has been the main entertainment in the vans during our long travel days.
It is the first time for some to be in Canada so we are really excited to be here. We have been in Saint John, Quispamsis and are now in Fredericton and will also be in Moncton tomorrow. Some of us have to remind ourselves that we are in Canada becuase there are a lot of simularities. But it is a beautiful country with many beautiful trees!
We have been so blessed by the churches we have stayed with. The people have been so kind and giving! I love worshiping at different churches with different people everyday! We are traveling around to bless others with Christ's message of hope He has given us but we are also being blessed by those that we meet as well! I am so excited to see what God has in store for the road ahead of us! Thailand is also just around the corner and we are praying and expectant that God is going to do miraculous works through us!
Continue praying! The Lord is faithful to those who have faith and seek Him!
~Doris Ann~


  1. What? A snapping turtle???? Hahaha yay a Continental first!

  2. Do you give out emails of the team? We had Philip and John stay with us and wanted to keep in touch.
    Enjoyed the music it blessed my heart.

    Beth Bartlett