Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Here We Come!

After so many hours of practice at rehearsal camp, we're finally on the road! Utah here we come! Lots of Miles, stops, beautiful skies, and the ol' red-canyon filled western scenary. With 14 tour members, there is no room to be upset at eachother being that we basically live together in our 2 mini vans, so everyone has been gracious to get along thus far! During our rides, Ryan takes the luxury to dance for old couples driving by, lol!

Our last 4 concerts have been amazing! People have shared that God touched their hearts during the concert and that they were encouraged to push forward! Our concerts have been filled with the Message of Hope that is found in Christ only! Tonight is our 5th concert in Moab, Utah, hope to see you if you're near!

Well gotta run for dinner, we need our energy to jump during the concert!


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