Friday, September 18, 2009


A word from our Director:

... it's the night before everyone arrives. Lots of packing to do, a lot of thoughts coming through our minds. Leaving home, trusting God with the unknown and believing this is what He has called us to do... to go out and share what He has done in our lives through music and the way we live our lives on the road.

It's exciting... another season, another challenge, another reason to TRUST God.

Most everyone is arriving tomorrow at LAX. Ashley and Wanda will go pick them up.
I pray God can unite this team from day 1. That we might honor Him with the way we honor eachother.

I can't wait to start making music, start creating something beautiful for the one who gave us those gifts... nothing we can do but give our lives back to Him!!! It's going to be a worship band type of ministry, we'll have worship gatherings with a powerful message of Hope.

Please friends... pray with us and for us. We NEED your prayers. God has this music mission tour in His hands, may we be used by Him in great ways to bring more people to the knowlege of a real GOD. May lives be challenged, transformed and changed forever.

We'll be blogging, if not every day, for sure every other day. We'll make sure to post prayer requests, praises, fun stories, testimonies, pictures... so that you can be with us in some way.

Who's on the team:
Phillip, Ryan, Wanda, Jessica, Laureen, Doris, Dee, Kori, Renita, Matt, Jon, Dustin, Kody and myself ;-)

Good Night...
let the games begin!!! ;-)

Leaving Hollywood tomorrow. Going up to Ventura for rehearsal camp... you all are invited to the dress rehearsal up there next week (will let you know details).

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