Thursday, March 5, 2009


Many of you that have not toured before or that have never toured on a longer tour might be asking: "what is it like to be on a fall tour?"

In the words of one of our tour members: "Being on tour is hard work but also lots of fun!!!"

Here is a little preview... a few pictures of the tour that went out in the fall of 2008, called TOUR N for New Zealand...

God has blessed our ministry and our friendships so much with this team that we couldn't have asked for a better one!!!

A short stop in San Francisco

Tour N's home for the fall

A wild rooster in New Zealand

"Amish beanies"

Time for housing after the concert

Our wonderful bus driver and his wife, Loyd and Laura

Making new friends :-)

Tour N found a real penguin in New Zealand

Long bus ride

Building friendships at the beach during a break

Eating some Indiana Pretzels

Learning to iron

Helping a car get out of trouble

Continental bus and Amish buggy

"Cheese' the giraffe, our tour mascott

The guys

Headed to NYC

Lunch time

Share time

Group pic with the Golden Gate Bridge

Casual sunday concert

Our cooks for a meal

Always young

Times Square

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