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READ WHAT GOD DOES WHEN YOU'RE WILLING TO FOLLOW HIM! I went into my tour last fall thinking I would grow a little, learn a little, and maybe have a little fun. I totally limited God in what I thought He was going to put me through and had for me. He showed me things I couldn't have even imagined. He blew my mind. I was shown things I never even knew existed, learned things I had no idea about, and grew in ways didn't even know were possible. You can never put a limit on what you think God has for you. I recommend this experience to anyone willing to dare God to blow their minds. - Kari Miller, Indiana USA - Singer

I went on Tour N self-concious of my failed Christian walk. I was sure that I would be secretly condemned by my fellow members and end up just leaving tour with a heavy heart and bad memories. My experience was the opposite. I was going through one of the hardest times of my life at home when I went on the fall tour and through the friendship of people on the team I was able to confess. The tour's leadership, support and friendships not only helped me to free myself of that bondage on my life, but also to lead me to a much greater walk with God. I have failed in the past, and I have made mistakes but tour changed me. I now have wonderful memories of people, places and our project: sharing the ever-lasting love of our Lord, Jesus Christ, with the world!
- Shanna Allen, Alberta CANADA - Actress

Tour encouraged me by giving me a greater and promising hope for my future. Being with so many Christians daily is SO uplifting. It was one of the most rewarding and blessed experiences of my life, and I thank God for giving me the opportunity to serve Him in that way. I think one thing I really discovered through this missions experience was my great love for serving God with my voice, and with the talents I have. I now find that the greatest joy for me comes from serving others and in turn serving God. If you want something that will uplift you, will encourage you, bless you, reward you, and strengthen your relationship with God, I urge you to consider and pray about being involved with The Continental Singers.
- Megan Young, New Brunswick CANADA - Singer

One of the many things that encouraged me about the fall tour to New Zealand in 2008 was to meet Christians so far away from my world. The great discovery for me was to realize that we had the same Saviour, the same God... this really opened up my perspectives on the world and on how big God is. Also I was also able to play the piano for our worship time in the different venues and was so thankful to be able to use the talent that He has given me for His glory and nothing else!
- Austin Scott, Nevada USA - Instrumentalist

I took a chance... and it was the best move I ever made. I have lived my life for so long in the shadows of a church building, where I was safe and did my weekly routine of going to church. I recently had the opportunity to travel with this amazing ministry. Through The Continentals we were able to use the power of music to empower, encourage the church and evangelize the lost. Christ is the foundation on which this ministry is built. I made a new family and friends that I was able to share my life with and that in itself is a miracle. My life was challenged and changed through those 3 months, I was finally able to see the hand of God move and work in miraculous ways... I will never forget it and would do it again in a heartbeat.~
- Kaylen Stevens, Texas USA - Worship Singer

God taught me that he is the same no matter where I am in this world. On tour everything changes, every day. Showers, beds, host families, food... things that are normal to us change every single night ... God does not! He is the same in the US, in New Zealand and Europe! He is the same everywhere! Since I've toured with the Continentals I've stopped complaining. I've seen God perform miracles, provide for us, even financially. We needed $6000 for our ministry in New Zealand, to cover land costs and a few days before, after one of the concerts, a couple came up to us told us that the program touched them so much that they were moved to give $6000 to help make a difference in New Zealand... what a GOD!!! They believed so much in what we were doing that were willingto give so much to the Lord. I would definitely encourage you to tour...
- Tanja Hunziker, Switzerland EUROPE - Singer

When I was around ten years old I saw The Continentals for the first time and loved it and secretly could see myself touring someday. The year before tour I was searching into a bunch of different orginizations about dancing and singing in a missions environment. When my mom suggested The Continentals I thought... why not? I will give it a try. Deciding to go on tour was one of the best decisions that I've made!! I learned so much!! Before tour I was ashamed of my past and afraid to share my testimony and on tour I shared it with the group and then shared it almost everynight at our concerts. I not only encouraged others with my testimony but I am also no longer ashamed to share it. I also made awesome friendships that will last a lifetime! If you go on tour God will for sure shape you and use you in an awesome way!
- Doris Ann Taylor, Pennsylvania USA - Dancer

Fall Tour was an amazing - I never knew I could learn SO much in such a short amount of time! The biggest thing God taught me was how to value people, and love them. I got to see how amazing and unique God made each person. Then I got to witness God working inside of them, as well as myself - healing, teaching, changing, and coaxing us to let go and trust Him with our lives and our hearts. Being with a bunch of people your age for three months is one thing. Being with a bunch of people your age, all in different places in our walk with God, thrown together on a three month journey, united under God, and learning from and alongside one another is something entirely different! All complete with joys, trials, conflicts and resolutions, and coming out in the end with life long friendships. And that's without mentioning all the amazing people you meet along the way - audience members, host families, etc. Continentals is an outward ministry of using performing talents to share God's love, but it's just as much of an inward ministry in all the ways you grow from the experience. It's something you can't imagine unless you've been there!
- Michelle Croce, California USA - Assistant Director/Singer

Life on a tour with The Continentals can show you many things; new, awesome places, new experiences and skills as far as singing, dancing, stage production and stage setup, but most importantly it shows you the awesomeness of God, His love, and what can happen when undivided attention and trust is given to Him. One example can be how God provides... we needed to raise $10,000 for the ground costs of our ministry in New Zealand, as a tour we came together and asked God for help and direction. A couple days later as we were singing worship songs during tear down a couple approched our director thanking him for the blessed night and presenting him with a $6,000 donation...
On tour many close friendships are developed, many life skills gained, and lessons learned. This is the reason I'm thankful to be a part of The Continentals, because it's little lessons and experiences like these that I believe help me grow.
- Kyle Whisenhant, Alaska USA - Technical Arts, Lights/Actor

As a seventeen year old highschool student, going on tour was a big leap of faith. I found out about the Continentals from a random postcard in the mail, and after filling out an application I received a phone call from a Continental director who encouraged me to go on tour saying "It's an experience that will change your life!" I had no idea what exactly he meant at the time, but I went ahead and spent several months raising sponsorship for the tour, wondering what God had in store for me. When I boarded the plane to California I had never seen a Continental concert, or personally met anyone whom I would be touring with, but I knew God had a plan for me! I was blessed to be able to use my dancing skills to reach out to people. This was a unique opportunity! It was the first time I had really worshiped God through dance. The biggest lesson I learned was to solely rely on God, giving Him my all. This is a lesson that is helping me now in my life at home.
I will never forget those three months filled with fun travels, great ministry opportunities on stage and off stage, lots of new friends from all over the world, and the presence of God working through us and in us day after day. God provided me with amazing group of people and director who really helped me grow in my faith. I encourage those who are considering using their artistic abilitys to reach out to others to take that leap of faith and go, it was definitely an experience that changed my life!
- Samantha Sproendle, Ohio USA - Ballet Dancer

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  1. Love that Samantha SPOERNDLE kid! Marco, this is amazing reading these testimonies.... God Bless you richly and all of the Continentals. You are a part of an incredibly rich ministry!